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Our Story

Smokin Roadside Grill is the realization of owner Rob Pierce’s dream. He spent 3 years perfecting the rub he uses on the meats to create a flavor you’ll simply fall in love with. As a master of smoking these meats to perfection, Rob has always loved to share his skills with family and friends.
At every party or family get together, people would approach him and tell him something this good needed to be shared. In order to do just that, in 2016 he bought a food truck with plans to open in the fall. Everything was going well…. and that’s when the migraines started. After 12 days of the most intense head pain, the doctors found that he had a severe brain bleed. To correct this problem, Rob underwent two surgeries. Overall he spent 19 days in the hospital, most of which were in the ICU.
Now, he is recovering well and pursuing his dream: owning a food truck and sharing his delicious smoked meats with the people of Utah. Our location will be posted on our social media or on the Find Us tab here on the website. Come on by for the best smoked meat you’ve ever had!
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